I’m gonna spend this weekend at my bf, so i’ll reply and answer asks when i get home!

Have a great weekend all!

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So I’ m sitting here, restraining myself from buying the sims 4 on Origin.
But then I saw that origin only offers the deluxe version or the limited edition. WHY IS THERE NOT JUST THE SIMPLE SIMS 4????

Then I went to a online shop if there was a difference in price, apparently not.
The normal sims 4 (without extra content) costs as much as the limited edition.

Now I have question for you guys, cause I can’t choose.
Should I buy the limited or the deluxe version?
At the moment there is a little sale going on in the online store I use, so I get 8% off the limited edition (so it’s now €54,99 instead of €59,99, but the deluxe is just €10 more, but it’s not a hard copy, uuuugh, I don’t know what to choose)
Please help me.

What would you buy?

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Look look. Im setting up the story!

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eneilie-sims: omg, just saw that last ts4 pic popping up my dash and it looks like the sim i always wanted to have, so pretty :') now i'm even more excited to get the demo <3

D’awww thank you! I’m always very happy and flattered when people like my sims!
I hope you get your demo soon, so I can see your beautiful ts4 sims! ♥

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thanks to tiptoesims little idea (damn you!) I started writing again. I have these ideas now that won’t leave my head, so I have to write them down, so I can put them off me (and in case I forget them when ts4 comes out)

I really like to make the Upper Class Jules x Hot & Sweaty Ashley in TS4 a thing. :D

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