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I always did that too!

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Aw :( I remember doing that as well, no you aren’t the only one.

It always felt like I was, cause everyone I follow in the ts2 community pairs Don x Cassandra.
Whenever I see that, I get this weird feeling and my mind is having a little breakdown and then all that comes out of my mouth is: “no no, that’s not right, they can’t be together. Where’s Nina’s & Darren’s happy ending?”
My sims always have to get a happy ending, or else I’m not at peace :p

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In the sims 2, am I the only one who breaks up Cassandra & Don?
And then let Cassandra marry Darren and Don with Nina?
It always seemed a better fit to me.

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Been a while since i posted something, apparently it’s that time of the year that every single one of my friends wants to meet, throw a party or bbq go shopping or just go drink something.
& I can’t really say no to anyone so, I’m actually doing all of these things and then I also have to go working.

So it’s been a while that i touched my game.
But I did have time to get the free sims 2 ultimate edition, now I don’t have to find my old (damaged) hard copy of it to get it. :D

Also I get Plague Inc,
and since that doesn’t take much time to load, I spend my few minutes I have left on that.

But don’t worry, when it’s all calming down, expect updated on the Misadventures of Jules / The Fairbanks family!

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I’m gonna spend this weekend at my bf, so i’ll reply and answer asks when i get home!

Have a great weekend all!

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So I’ m sitting here, restraining myself from buying the sims 4 on Origin.
But then I saw that origin only offers the deluxe version or the limited edition. WHY IS THERE NOT JUST THE SIMPLE SIMS 4????

Then I went to a online shop if there was a difference in price, apparently not.
The normal sims 4 (without extra content) costs as much as the limited edition.

Now I have question for you guys, cause I can’t choose.
Should I buy the limited or the deluxe version?
At the moment there is a little sale going on in the online store I use, so I get 8% off the limited edition (so it’s now €54,99 instead of €59,99, but the deluxe is just €10 more, but it’s not a hard copy, uuuugh, I don’t know what to choose)
Please help me.

What would you buy?

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