Mimi needs you for the Army

No just kidding. But I do need you and your simcreation skills.
I created 21 residential lots & most of these lots have space for 8 sims.
So let’s say there are 18 houses that can hold 8 sims, so if we do the math: 18 x 8 = 144 sims. Even I’m not that stupid to put so many sims in world.

But let me come to the point eh. I don’t want this town to be filled with only my sims.
So I’m making a call to your generosity. I WANT YOUR SIMS!

I don’t care how they look like or what their personality is, the only thing he/she needs to be is a Young Adult. If you want to make a couple or a trio, just go ahead.

Also please don’t use to much CC think about my old pal Computer!

If you want to give your sims up for adoption, just send them to me in an ask :)

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